Why in work the joy of being is more important than experience

July 11, 2019 4:54 pm

Victoria Bondar, an alumnus of MBA program of Edinburgh Business School, an official representative of Lasselsberger s.r.o. in Ukraine, shares her thoughts how and why joy became her vital force that she uses to build business processes in her life

While goal setting

Unlike the standard approaches to planning business results a year, two, five in advance, I devote most of my time to opening up new opportunities and realizing them. I do not invent anything, but structure what the universe generates through people and their actions around me. I learned to hear, see and activate processes according to the nature of their occurrence more than basing on previous experience.

Contrary to popular belief, experience can be not only a strong point of an entrepreneur, but also a weak one. Solving the problem in the same proven way, we get into our own cycle. We stop developing. The knowledge that opens our horizons in the beginning will subsequently ground us and narrow our visions.

While studying

MBA education at Edinburgh Business School became a system that structured my practical knowledge, gave it a theoretical basis, introduced and taught the world experience on real-life cases, and helped to transformed crisis management into project management approaches.

That knowledge gave me an understanding of the basic construction of business world, its economic laws, financial mechanisms and helped prevent obvious mistakes. To build a successful business, it is worthwhile at least to start acting basing on the experience of thousands of other entrepreneurs who have traveled this path before you.

Learning should always be for the sake of own development and to bring joy. And never – a formal part of life. Awards or diplomas will not help make any business profitable, but knowledge – will.

To understand people

It depends on people whether your business will become successful or not, and the relations with people cannot be forecasted using any mathematical formulas.

While communicating with potential partners, customers or colleagues, we must act quickly, making unmistakable decisions. After a few minutes of communication with a person, I can feel either the potential of our cooperation or vice versa.

When choosing with whom to cooperate, I do not rely on categorizing people as good or bad. There are those with whom I can jointly create something fundamentally new already tomorrow due to a common vision. And there are those who need to adapt and change.

To collaborate with customers and partners

Joy is not the end state of any life process, but the process itself, which I want to embody. It helps to establish the necessary level of responsibility, energy and motivation while cooperating with clients or partners. This is confirmed by the fact that today our company has 10-years relationships with 90% of our Ukrainian clients and we have business relations for more than 15 years with 70% of them.

The scale of own responsibility as an individual and leader will determine the scale of everything that exists in life. It will generate the joy of life, resources and help to realize all inbound potential. Therefore, your task to start can be to obtain the necessary knowledge for own development.

It is necessary for new companies and entrepreneurs to become a vivid example of how a business can exist for a long time. To reach this, business actors must generate mutual support and responsibility, and not momentary achievements, which are very quickly lost.

When joy becomes being, the approach to setting goals and setting up any workflows changes.

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