MBA Programme
Edinburgh Business School

MBA programme of Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, widely chosen around the world.

49,000 alumni across 158 countries.

Edinburgh Business School's International MBA is a flexible and practical management-level program that focuses on the key skills needed by executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in today's business world.​

This MBA programme is designed not only to inspire managers and business people, but also to give leaders an understanding of what needs to be done and how, and to provide working tools that have been verified by a large number of companies.

Graduates of the campus in Central and Eastern Europe, located in Kyiv*, note the special applicability of each course of the programme, the focus on the ability to find balanced solutions in a crisis situation, and business development in accordance with global trends.

The next MBA courses start in April and May 2023.  Learn more>> 

About the MBA Programme

Student of Edinburgh Business School MBA programme enrolls as a student of Heriot-Watt University, UK, and upon successful completion receives British MBA diploma.

░ In the Top 300 universities in the world according to QS University Ranking 2022

MBA students receive international certificates for each course after passing the exams and after 9 coursesan MBA diploma.

On-campus business school tutors adapt the course materials to local knowledge and help organize the approaches learned for better application in practice.

Convenient schedule for professionals in the midst of their careers

Classes are held every 2 weeks, on Saturdays or Sundays. Online at the moment (with the possibility of getting back offline again in the future)

Flexible programme that allows you to study for as long as you need

If you want to gain knowledge but do not need an MBA degree now, you can choose only the MBA courses you are interested in and pay only their cost.

Application throughout a year

Academic semesters are held three times a year. You determine which courses you will study. The duration of one course is 2.5 - 3 months.

*We have been providing access to the MBA programme for Ukrainian and European managers for over 13 years in Ukraine – online and on campus in Kyiv

MBA Courses

Explore each course that is being studied at MBA programme. Click on the corresponding image to go to the course description

On the MBA programme, students study on average 2.5 – 3 years. But the total duration is not restricted.

Each course is designed for 40 – 60 academic hours and 150 hours of independent work and ends with an exam.

MBA Diploma
9 courses
Postgraduate Diploma in BA
6 courses
Postgraduate Certificate in BA
3 courses
The term of study is not limited to 3 years

Programme rules allow students to pause their studies after any course and continue at their convenience.

In English

For 99% of students on our campus, English is not their first language. We do not require language certificates, but if you have any doubts, please contact us. We will share the experience of students, and provide full information and examples of materials.

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MBA Programme Cost

Cost of 1 MBA course - $ 2980

Cost of МBA programme - $ 26820
Payment per course or per programme

How to apply for an MBA

Become a British university student without complicated procedures and study from whenever you are.

Business experience

Managerial experience - at least 3 years (management position in international corporation / head of a local business)

Higher education

Graduate Diploma/Professional Certificates (if available)

English proficiency at IELTS 6.5 (reading)

Language proficiency certificates are NOT required

Submitting a CV

СV or link on LinkedIn

Writing a motivational essay in English

Why do you want to study at MBA programme, your career plans, your expectations, etc.

Passing an individual interview

Passing an individual interview online or face-to-face with a campus representative

We are ready to tell more about British MBA in Ukraine