Congratulations to Edinburgh Business School graduates with MBA post-graduate degree in Edinburgh!

June 28, 2019 1:16 pm Випускники британської програми МБА на врученні дипломів в Единбурзі

The British post-graduate degree is a solid proof of what efforts have been made during the studying. It signifies international recognition of the knowledge and competences acquired. We want to quote on of our graduates: “The British University Diploma confirms that knowledge and assessment are obtained only at the expense of laborious work and personal contribution. No hints or tips during exams. One authority teaches, other – tests, the third – evaluates, the fourth – approves”.

Dear graduates, we are sincerely proud of your success!

MBA program of Edinburgh Business School Graduates in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Business School Graduates in Edinburgh

Every year Edinburgh Business School Graduates (EBS) can take part in the graduation ceremony of Heriot-Watt University, one of the oldest universities in the UK. The Edinburgh Business School is the highest school of business at the University.

All students in Kyiv campus of EBS follow the international program: after enrolling in the EBS program in Ukraine, you become a student of the British University and after completing the exam, receive the british MBA diploma with the European application.

The feature of studying at EBS is the ability to pass the program on its own track, selecting the number of courses during the semester. The business school does not rigidly limit the duration of the program: the rules allow to pause studies and renew, when it’s convenient.

Study in Kiev and get a post-graduate degree in Edinburgh!

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