Edinburgh Business School
Approved Tutors

Advantage of the Edinburgh Business School programmes is that the curriculum content is initially developed for application worldwide, and gets adapted locally for each of the countries with the local campus.

Therefore, unlike some local business education system, where the teacher in most cases is also the author of the course and accepts exams in person, at Edinburgh Business School the Approved Tutor “guides” student through the international knowledge. The role of the Tutor is to explain and moderate, help comprehend and show application, and not to compile a course

Наталия Кривда, тьютор курса Лидерство Эдинбургская бизнес-школа в Украине

Natalia Kryvda

Leadership: Theory & Practice
• Academic Director and Counselor House of Knowledge, a platform for international certification programs, and Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine • Doctor of Philosophy • Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Philosophy and Culture of Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko

Ivan Kompan

Financial Decision Making
• Specialist in finance with 30 years of experience • Held management positions in a number of large Ukrainian and international financial companies • PhD • Was engaged in researches in econometrics at the Sorbonne University (Paris) • Director of Deloitte Academy
Тимур Сарбаев, Стратегическое планирование, МВА в Украине, Эдинбургская бизнес-школа

Tymur Sarbaev

Strategic Planning
• Business consultant in strategic management, crisis management, business structuring and systematization, business acceleration • Experience in the position of CEO of international and Ukrainian companies

Serhiy Gvozdyov

Delivering Successful Projects
•PhD in Economics • Managing Partner of "Necessary and Sufficient" • The main area of work is related to the implementation of flow management methods based on the Theory of Constraints and Lean Production • Adjunct Professor in St. Thomas University (Minneapolis, USA)
Елена Барышникова, МБА Эдинбургской бизнес-школы в Украине, тьютор

Olena Baryshnikova

Finincial Decision Making
• MBA, ACCA, IFA / IPA, APU Certified Auditor, Ph.D., CIMA PM • Teaching experience - over 20 years • Expert in finance, management accounting, business performance management, strategic planning • Awarded two times with "Best Teacher of the Year" according to the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA, UK) Award
Андрей Ставицкий, MBA Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine

Andriy Stavytskyi

Economics for Business
• Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics, Faculty of Economics, Taras Shevchenko National University • National Expert on Higher Education Reform in the Bologna Process • Since 2021 Managing Editor of the scientific journal Ekonomika (Lithuania)
Olena Sergeeva, EBS MBA, tutor Organizational Behaviour Course

Olena Sergeeva

People, Work and Organisations
• Author and leader of training courses and programs for leadership development and team skills management • Master of Education Management, Rutgers University, USA • Certified Senior Professional HR International with HRCI, USA
Валерий Поворотний МВА обучение Edinburgh Business School Украина

Valeriy Povorotnyi

Strategic Marketing
• More than 20 years of practical experience in international business, including marketing, sales and business management (Samsung, Siemens and Sony, etc.) • Lecturer at the Royal Institute of Procurement and Supply in Ukraine (CIPS, UK) • Business Coach
Сурия Хабибулина, тьютор МБА программы в Киеве, Эдинбургская бизнес-школа

Suriya Habibullina

• Lecturer at the Royal Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS, UK) on the House of Knowledge platform • Consultant to an audit firm on business efficiency • Over 20 years in marketing and sales, business process optimization at Procter & Gamble Eastern Europe, Gillette, Braun and JTI.
Оксана Кочмарська, МВА britishmba.in.ua підприємництво

Oksana Kochmarska

Entrepreneurship & Creativity
• Business consultant with 18 years of experience in finance for Fortune 500 companies. • 15 years of experience in operational management, strategic planning and business development (ex-director of the tax and legal department of KPMG Ukraine and head of the Accountor Group in Ukraine). • The founder of the international consulting company Accounting HUB. • MBA
Сергей Геренко, HR, тьютор Эдинбургская бизнес-школа МБА в Украине

Sergiy Gerenko

Human Resources Management
• Expert in the field of personnel management for over 20 years (HR Director of NEC Ukrenergo, worked for Kraft Foods, SUN Inbev, JKX Oil & Gas, PJSC Kyivenergo, Metro Group etc.) • MBA
Катерина Коваленко, МБА Украина тьютор Эдинбургская бизнес-школа

Kateryna Kovalenko

Human Resources Management
• Vice President on Human Resources issues • 20 years of experience in marketing project management, strategic communications and HR (Microsoft Ukraine, Sherp International, AXA Ukraine and IT companies) • Senior Professional in HR, MBA
Елена Ковальчук, тьютор Эдинбургской бизнес-школы, МБА в Украине

Olena Kovalchuk

People, Work and Organisations
• Business coach • 20 years of professional experience in training and development of staff, team management in companies in various fields
Игорь Гайович, тьютор курса Маркетинг Эдинбургской бизнес-школы, МБА в Украине

Ihor Gayovych

Strategic Marketing
• Certified business coach (Team Training International) • More than 15 years of lecturing experience • More than 20 years of experience in middle and senior management - sales, procurement, operations and general management