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MBA programme  with academic rigour, intellectual challenge, and proven ability to greatly enhance student career prospects.

Online learning in groups with support from Central & Eastern Europe learning partner.

Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University’s MBA programme

Students are drawn by MBA programme’s sheer flexibility. No other MBA programme gives you as much freedom.

You can study the subjects you want, in the order you wish. You can begin and end whenever you choose. 

You can study from wherever you are now and get comprehensive support from the Central and Eastern Europe learning partner hub, with a campus in Ukraine.

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Why choose Edinburgh Business School

Випускники британської програми MBA Единбурзької бізнес-школи
MBA postgraduates from Central and Eastern Europe campus in Edinburgh Graduation Ceremony

Edinburgh Business School is the school of business of Heriot-Watt University, one of the oldest British universities, accredited by the Royal Charter. Central and Eastern European Campus on the House of Knowledge platform is an official learning partner in the global network of MBA educational campuses.

Edinburgh Business School MBA students are students at a British university. Postgraduates of the programme receive a diploma from Heriot-Watt University, recognized worldwide.

Today there are more than 49,000 postgraduates in 160 countries.

Benefits of MBA Programme With Us

International diploma

Quality is guaranteed by the Royal Charter.

Programme flexibility

You can always choose language and courses of study, duration and location of studying.

Personal support

Access to the University's international online platform & personal support manager.

Students & Alumni Club

Networking and useful contacts.

Programme is held in English

9 Courses MBA Programme
British MBA in Ukraine
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Each management course provides a theoretical basis and practical understanding of the subject and helps to form a systematic vision of a particular component of the business. The program includes the most important disciplines necessary for the development of competencies of a modern leader and executive.

To obtain a master’s degree in business administration, you must pass the exams of 9 courses.

The recommended duration of the entire program is 2.5 – 3 years. But total duration is not limited*.

Features of the Programme
  • Classes in Executive format: twice a month, on Saturday or Sunday, during the trimester in remote format or on the school campus in Kyiv.
  • Edinburgh Business School recommends investing up to 150 hours in each course.
  • Students gain international knowledge and practice from the cases of global corporations.
  • The classes materials cover the peculiarities of the local business environment and case studies.
  • Starting studying, you choose the courses that are relevant to your emergent needs and pay per course.
  • In the future, if you want to get a full MBA, you can continue to study and take other courses.
  • The exam in each subject can be taken with online access.
  • The exam is assessed by independent experts from the Edinburgh Business School.

Choose the MBA courses you need now. Students receive recognition after each successfully passed exam:

Edinburgh Business School Certificate for each course

Certificate of Business Administration – 3 courses

Diploma of Business Administration – 6 courses

MBA degree – 9 courses

International Accreditation

The accreditation of diplomas and the quality of the MBA programmes of the Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University are confirmed by the Royal Charter. Academic accreditation of UK higher education institutions is confirmed by the Royal Charter or, in some cases, by Parliament.

Thousands of students from all over the world choose the MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School as it is recognized by employers, education systems, and leading professional organizations around the world.

Who Can Apply and How to Apply for MBA programme

The MBA programme is designed for C-level executives and businessmen and businesswomen who are engaged in business and seek to deepen management knowledge and skills. Mandatory requirement – at least 3 years of managerial experience.

  • Managerial experience – at least 3 years

  • Diplomas of higher education

  • CV or link on Linkedin

  • Motivational essay in English

  • Individual online interview with campus authority (language tbd)

  • The cost of the full programme corresponds to 26820 USD

  • The cost of 1 course corresponds to 2980 USD

    Pay for the program or for the course.

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