Why I have decided to get an MBA degree

February 17, 2020 4:51 pm

Olena Bogomazova, Executive Director of Pechersk International School LLC (2012-2019), an alumnus of  MBA program of Edinburgh Business School.

Main goal of getting an MBA degree

Let’s look at a person who works in a large organization. Through hard work, he or she received that dream job. However, now the level of responsibility has increased. In order to effectively complete tasks, he needs skills that will help him work on a more professional level, so as not to operate certain areas of responsibility intuitively. Actually, the main reason for getting an MBA education is to increase professionalism.

My personal experience

For me it all started in 2012, when I worked as an executive director at the Pechersk International School. So far, I have held only financial positions in various international companies. In my new position, the scope of my responsibilities has expanded significantly. In addition to financial issues, I had to operate freely in legal aspects, procurement, personnel management, and operations. There were also many negotiations with customers and various organizations. But the most important thing is that after a few years we planned a new construction project.

I felt a serious need to get quality knowledge in these areas. First I began to analyze what kind of education is offered on the market. I realized that I needed a strong MBA program and drew attention to the Edinburgh Business School in Kiev.

The choice fell on this School for two reasons. Firstly, the school guaranteed a high-quality systematic international approach. This was manifested in a complex of subjects for study with high requirements during the exams, which were evaluated in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Business School diploma is a sign of quality, recognized by international companies.

Secondly, I liked that the teachers of the school are practitioners with experience on leadership positions. They not only know their material well, but also know how to put knowledge into practice. During the study, there were many cases according to the school program and from the teachers’ own experience.

I can say with confidence that the MBA education has fully met my expectations. Everything that I expected was realized. I repeat, for leadership positions in small and medium corporate business – this is an excellent solution. This was my request.

After receiving an MBA degree, I feel confident. Now it’s easy to move forward, organize and execute new projects.

Now the world is developing rapidly. Even if it seems to you that you are a professional in your field, do not stop. I gained knowledge in project management, organizational behavior, marketing, strategic planning, negotiations.

When the new building construction project began, knowledge in many subjects inspired me to involve myself as an internal project manager during the design and construction period. It is a special pride that the project was completed a month ahead of schedule. Education gives you serious confidence and motivation that you can do much more than you do now.

In fact, the studying process was easy for me. First, I advise you to properly organize your time. I adhered to the following scheme: I chose one subject and studied it for a semester. This made it possible to receive new information and immediately implement it in real life. So I understood that I could specifically change or adjust as part of my work. So in one year I closed two subjects, and after three and a half years I got an MBA degree.

MBA-education is of a special value for:

  • Middle and top level managers who aspire to the higher position. MBA will help to gain knowledge that in the future will allow to prove itself and create added value for the company daily. So, you can not only perform functions in the company you are used to, but also bring something innovative.
  • Leaders who strive to grow and make their business more efficient and competitive.
  • Owners of a small business that is growing rapidly. For people who are self employed, the next step is the development of a systemic business, which will turn from a family business into a medium-sized. In such cases, MBA education plays a key role.
  • The owners of medium-sized businesses who plan to transform them in order to reach a new level of business, conquer new markets, and attract additional resources. MBA is for them, because education will provide the necessary knowledge on how to do it right.

You are ahead of time in getting MBA…

If you are a newcomer who is just planning or still did not even dare to open your own business, as well if you have never worked in the business. I would advise you to first study in detail entrepreneurial business and practice. The fact is that MBA education has a more corporate format. It works to improve the skills, and push development or transformation of an existing business.