Team leadership vs single leadership. Live interview with Natalia Kryvda

August 8, 2019 1:54 pm Прямий ефір Радіо Столиці

Success in business depends on the people who create it. What are the expectations from the top-managers today? Why one should study to be a leader, what and how? Listen to the record of the live talk with Doctor of Philosophy, Academic Director at Edinburgh Business School Natalia Kryvda on Golos Stolytsi Radio.


“One of the most promising areas today is the development of an organizational leadership function. The era of single leaders, when the one stands in the wind, tears his or her shirt off and goes by oneself to reach the goal, the era of heroic leadership is over. It’s been a long time since, and we have to realize and accept it, the era of command leadership and teams has begun. And those businesses and units that have learned this truth, or are now learning to build leadership teams rather than grow individual leaders, will win.”

Meaningful conversation about the importance of communications. About investing oneself in leadership and its complexities. About the necessity of followers. About management strategies and styles. About theories and tools that help strengthen leadership in organizations.

Students of Edinburgh Business School dive deep into the topic after enrolling into Leadership course of MBA program (course tutor – Natalia Kryvda).