EBS Fall Semester Opening!

September 18, 2019 12:54 pm

On September 14 and 15, a new semester of the British MBA program began on the campus of the Edinburgh Business School in Kyiv.

Traditionally to the sounds of the Scottish bagpipes and the applauses of senior colleagues, new students passed “the log over  over the abyss of ignorance” and began their journey to the coveted MBA degree.

As always, at this important moment for students, they were greeted by the academic director of the business school Natalya Kryvda and MBA alumni Elena Kobylyanskaya, Alexander Polyansky, Sergey Pashkovsky and Evgeny Kamashev!

Випускники Единбурзької бізнес-школи на відкритті семестру

Elena Kobylyanskaya,  MBA alumnus, shared her story why she had chosen the Edinburgh Business School and of her career changes during her studies and after receiving an MBA degree: “I was interested in getting new knowledge, growing as a manager and in overcoming the idea that if you are a lawyer, you’ll only be a lawyer for a life time – this is your glass ceiling. It wasn’t easy. But in the middle of studying period, I received an offer from an international company to a very high position, they stated that it was very important for them that I was a student of the British MBA program.”

Alexander Polyansky, MBA alumnus, did not hide his life hacks, which helped to make the learning process more practical and rewarding and noticed that he continues referring to the business school training materials: “I needed to update my knowledge. In Edinburgh Business School, I immediately found everything: high-quality textbooks, and a glorious staff of tutors, and rigorous exams, the preparation for which made it possible to cement knowledge and approaches.

First of all, you need to understand that an MBA is a test of readiness and an assessment of the potential of your resources.”

Sergey Pashkovsky, MBA alumnus, talked about how the tools received on each of the subjects of the MBA program, whether project management, finance or human resources management etc, helped him scale his business and become  a leader in Ukraine, then open representative offices in Europe (52 countries) and head office in Austria. “The core impulse and courage to enter other markets appeared just during studying at a business school. The school gave me and my partner confidence and at the same time support and understanding of the laws of business. In each subject, we received what could be implemented in various projects and during strategic sessions. ”

From general celebrations to classes in separate groups – after the ceremony, the tutors were waiting for students in the classrooms to de facto start studying Marketing (tutor Igor Gayovich), Project Management (tutor Sergey Gvozdev), Human Resources Management (tutor Sergei Gerenko), Finance (tutor Ivan Kompan) and Strategic Planning (tutor Timur Sarbaev)!

Moreover, on Sunday, September 15th, together we welcomed the post-graduates of the IPMA – international project management program!

Wish MBA program students to have an easy start and saturated studies!

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We would like to remind you that the MBA program of the Edinburgh Business School, the International Diploma in Procurement and Supply of CIPS and the IPMA Project Management Program are presented by House of Knowledge in Ukraine.