MBA Alumni Reviews

86% of our students on-board to program following alumni’s recommendations

  • The tutors of EBS turn the complex topics into simple, so that the hard subject does not make you into a stupor, but rather make you want to understand more and more deeply. Thanks to the MBA program, I learned to look at the organization’s work from above.

    Olena Kobylyanska
    Founder and CEO Unicorn Solutions&Consulting, МBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School
  • The studying program is based on British model and is developed by professors of Western business schools. So, this is just the case when you study geographically in Ukraine, but in fact you get a diploma from a British business school.

    Eugeniy Kamashev
    Business Consultant, Project Manager, Project Director of Metinvest Digital, MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School
  • Thanks to my studies at Edinburgh Business School, I looked at the business in the “360 degree” format, focused on how finance, accounting, marketing and working with people strategically and comprehensively work together.

    Olena Chaika

    Group Account Director of Adsapience, MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School

Video interview with EBS alumni

Learn why Yuriy Sorochinskiy (СEO Nemiroff), Victor Mischenko (Commercial Director of Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining), Ivan Dubeykovskiy (Senior Expert at financial control service NJSC Naftogaz Ukraine) и Victor Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Board of concern Electron) have chosen to study at EBS.

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Oleg Makarov

МBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School, Partner at Vasyl Kysyl and Parters

While applying to the business school, I knew that my knowledge and experience must be somehow systematized. In the process of work, in the process of studying, I learned that there were still many other positive facets of MBA program.

We, lawyers, when communicating at the conferences, when teaching young partners and young lawyers, always say: “Know the business of your client”. And we mean: “Know metallurgy, if you work with a metallurgist; know pharmaceuticals if you work with a pharmacist, and so on.” But in the process of learning, one understands that you need to know the economy of an enterprise in order to speak the same language with the people who are in charge. You need to know finances in order to understand how the financial director thinks when he says that this investment is not very profitable for us.

Oleksander Grybenko

MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School, Development Director of Larch Networks

An MBA is not a panacea, nor is it a golden fish. Nobody will make you the CEO of a large corporation, just because you got an MBA degree. Your achievements after obtaining this (or any) qualification will be a function of two values, namely, the knowledge gained and your abilities.

What study at MBA program does give to you is rather a paradigm shift – it greatly changes your overall attitude to life, to work, the amount of effort and goals you set.

Now it seems to me that the main thing is that you have to want to get new knowledge, before applying. At some point, there comes a stage in life when there is a desire to generalize, to bring some kind of foundation for experience and acquired skills. If you have such a moment of life – you cannot fail to study at MBA program.

If you can use the knowledge, you will immediately see where and how to do it – all EBS courses are very applicable. All studying is based on real-life examples. You will be able to start using instruments immediately to solve your problems.

Oleksander Polyanskyi

MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School, Partner and General Director of RSM Ukraine Consulting, member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Globalization and constant changes have created conditions under which specialists from all sectors of the economy should increase personal productivity and own competitiveness.

The MBA program of the Edinburgh Business School contributes to the formation of a modern “intellectual bank”: all of the knowledge and skills obtained enable us to implement consulting projects of high complexity at the national and international levels. The British Quality of Business School helps top managers to take a fresh look at all of the company’s activities – economics and finance, human resource management, as well as marketing and strategic planning.

Reasonable tuition fees without additional costs for logistics, a well-designed training program with an international-level methodology, well-thought-out practical component and strict control of knowledge, a British diploma, allows business school graduates to be competitively in demand compared with a graduates from US or European Union business school graduates.

My successful practice as an economic expert in assessing damage in international arbitration courts and other corporate disputes is a clear example of the high quality and exceptional benefits of the Edinburgh Business School MBA program.

Original articles of our alumni and students

Olena Bogomazova

MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School, Executive Director of Pechersk International School

Thanks to the knowledge gained at Edinburgh Business School, I was able to build a perfect internal management and tune productive relations with all stakeholders.

In the position of the school’s executive director, knowledge of not only finance, but also of organization, of understanding of personnel work, of management of large-scale projects, of marketing and strategy came in handy for me. At that time, some of my friends had already studied at the MBA program at Edinburgh Business School and they recommended it to me. Visiting the presentation, which was conducted by the academic director Natalya Kryvda, I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for! And now I myself recommend this program to my colleagues and acquaintances, making emphasis on a systematic approach to training, a large number of practical cases and teamwork.

Only during the studying process, I successfully managed three grand construction projects. Therefore, the knowledge gained during the course “Project Management”, “Organizational Behavior”, “Negotiations” and “Leadership” was for me particularly relevant. It was thanks to this knowledge that I was able to build a perfect internal management and establish productive relations with all stakeholders