Business education turns experience into “systematic containers of knowledge”

October 16, 2019 3:55 pm

Many experienced businessmen and businesswomen are looking for new ways to organize their professional luggage in the first place. Practice is always chaotic, while theory gives this chaos some form and helps to organize it. And so each decision is made easier and cold-head, without fear or risk that something will go wrong.

Leaders of the largest business schools in Ukraine, including representatives of MBA programme of Edinburgh Business School, spoke about how business education influences their professional career during meeting at Club of Financial Directors.

Why business education precisely?

Business education is about value and about the willingness to take on greater responsibility for oneself, business, industry, or even the whole country. It is possible that business schools do not teach how to be responsible and conscious, but they definitely provide the base that helps move forward in the direction that the student chooses.

"We are convinced in that, because the Edinburgh Business School has already set the guideline for 20 thousand postgraduates around the world. Our school is one of the largest among all educational institutions about business. And as data shows many companies around the world have graduates of our school in their boards of members, "said Natalya Kryvda, Academic Director of MBA programme at Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine.

Academic business education is important because it provides knowledge of the latest tools in management, economics and finance. But the most important thing is the opportunity to communicate and exchange experience with like-minded people, it’s the opportunity to involve in active discussions to find that one rational solution and subsequently be able to apply the theory in practice.

“By the time I applied to Edinburgh Business School, I had a lot of practical knowledge. I was interested more in not to get even more knowledge, but to check the relevance of what I already know and understand how relevant my business experience is now. It’s about putting some kind of theoretical skeleton and frame on the practical baggage of knowledge. Thus, either to confirm your “theory”, which you have already worked out over the course of certain years, or, on the contrary, refuse it,” - shares her impressions of studying in Edinburgh Business School Julia Romantsova, Commercial Director of "May Foods Europe".

Business education opens up a new world to each student. One gets his or her first acquaintance with finances, the other – with marketing or with accounting and HR. People enroll having their big backgrounds, but, besides it, they have a grandiose request for new information in order to see the world from one side, but also to capture all the other three, ten or fifteen.

“Working with different categories of people and managers, it’s still very difficult for you to find the right approach for everyone, to understand how best to motivate your colleague or just to cheer up. Business education helps to rethink the human component in business. For example, the course of organizational behavior in my case was useful, because it structured the knowledge about the motivation and interaction of people with the organization and vice versa,” recalls her studies Julia Romantsova.

Thanks to MBA management courses offered by  Edinburgh Business School, it is possible to understand how the business operates and how it affects the motivation of both the employees and more over – customers who are expected to purchase a product or service offered by that business:

“Fundamentals of finance, accounting, financial literacy ... This is just a short list of what business education offers. I noticed a very important trend recently, all people want to make money, but to generate them you should do your best and to do best you should understand how to sell and motivate people, learn how to analyze the structure of the assortment. Therefore, business education is the precise system that turns practical knowledge into system containers that are interconnected, " continues Julia Romantseva.

Responsibility and Reputation

It is likely that the culture of obtaining high-quality education for top managers and CEO makes doing business in Ukraine more civilized and relevant. That is why one can proundly talk about our country abroad, because our graduates get top positions in large corporations around the world.

According to Natalia Kryvda, Academic Director of MBA programmes, business education forms the meanings that people can easily share in the business environment. This gives them the opportunity to communicate in the same language:

"Business education has two modes - internal, associated with self-affirmation and the systematization of one’s own experience, and external - the emphasis of which is more on responsibility. The internal mode is focused on self-esteem, self-confidence, the ability to form one’s position within a business. While external is about your place in the industry, company and in the world as a whole, that you can conduct business honestly, correctly and in a civilized manner. This is what allows you to speak on equal with representatives of any other country."

So we can affirm that business education is still on the top chart of the best investments of mankind. And if you study that universal language of communication, then the doors to any business are open to you.

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