What prompted business media journalists to sit at their desks again

December 24, 2019 1:18 pm

How tutors of the MBA program taught the media to understand business processes at the level of company owners.

How strategic plans of large corporations are formed, how decisions are made at the highest level of management, how to evaluate the real effectiveness of the company’s work – the educational program “How to talk with top managers in one language. Business Basics for Journalists and Media Managers” helped journalists to understand better such challenges.  The project was initiated by the PRESSZVANIE, Professional Competion for Journalists, and the House of Knowlegde educational platform, which provides the MBA program of Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine.

The professionals, sertified tutors of Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine joined the program to help journalists  to determine what to look for in a conversation with a business, what questions to ask, where to look for gaps and problem points.

23 journalists, chief editors and media producers has passed the selection for participation in the study group.

The course consisted of management topics that are included into the academic MBA program for CEOs and senior executives. During the course participants visited lectures and discussed business cases on economics, marketing, management accounting, project management, innovation, HR, and leadership.

Business media journalists had the opportunity to study with the best teachers and practitioners in their fields. Lectures were given by the sertified tutors of the Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine: Andrey Stavitsky, Igor Gayovich, Sergey Gerenko, Elena Baryshnikova, Sergey Gvozdev and Natalya Krivda. The innovation block was read by Victor Kmita, an MBA EBS alumnus and CEO XM-online, and Yuri Antonyuk, CEE EPAM.

The training lasted 2.5 months.

Tutors of the program and MBA alumnus of Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine.

At the program finish, participants, owners and top managers of the companies met in the BEEF meat & wine restaurant to celebrate the course and communicate with each other. 

The guests of the graduation ceremony Oleg Scherbatenko, IT-Enterprise Director, Smart Holding Strategy Director Ruslan Rudnitsky, Creative States Founder and CEO Ilya Kenigstein, Advisor to the Cabinet Reform Office Larisa Mudrak, restaurateur and owner of BEEF meat & wine Ruslan Shibaev participated in discussions. Top managers shared their experiences with journalists of business and socio-political media.

Guests talked about the challenges facing business owners and the role of CEOs in the companies of the future. Ruslan Rudnitsky, director of strategy of Smart Holding, told how to recognize the economic crisis. “The key signal for the onset of the crisis will be the correction of the US stock market. Given the fact that the US economy is at its peak today, a rollback can be quite painful. Some experts even draw parallels with the Great Depression of 1929. All this will be reflected in the economy of Ukraine, especially in its export-oriented sectors, which make a significant contribution to the national GDP. For example, metallurgy and agribusiness, ”he said.

“The main thing is people. You may have the best strategy and the best home in the world. But if you have not won the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, your strategy will never be realized. People don’t buy from clowns, ”said Ilya Kenigstein, founder and CEO of Creative States.

At the end of the networking session, journalists received certificates of successful completion of the course.

Academic advisor Natalia Kryvda and curator of PRESSZVANIE rewardYulia Chukhno congratulate the journalists on the course completion.


PRESSZVANIE – annual award for journalists and editors, which has been awarded since 2005 for leadership and professionalism. The project develops an educational platform and runs under the auspices of the public organization “PRESSZVANIE Ukraine”, whose mission is to promote the professional development of journalists in Ukraine through education and reward for the merits of the most worthy.

Educational platform House of Knowledge is a partner and provider of international and copyright programs and certifications, including MBA program of Edinburgh Business School, the procurement program of British Institute CIPS and the project management program Programme and Project Management for certification by the European Association IPMA.