New 2020 semester opening

March 5, 2020 8:01 pm

Our greetings to all new and current MBA students of Edinburgh Business School with the start of a spring semester at the House of Knowledge campus in Kyiv.

Ahead there are couple of months full of challenges and opportunities. Students will learn new skills, increase their potential and establish friendly and business relationships that will develop and expand throughout their lives.

Traditionally, not only new students but also business school alumni and tutors have been invited to the dedication ceremony. We would like to thank our alumni who have emerged as professionals in their fields and agreed to share their experiences gained during their MBA studies.

Sergiy Rybakov, BIOCODEX UKRAINE Business Unit Manager Sales & Marketing, has defined key three aspects which were important to him while he had been gaining his MBA degree at Edinburgh Business School.

First of all, Sergei noted the depth of working out of the core concepts in each MBA course.

“In the last few years, my company has been actively working on expansion of business and product portfolio. And once you can do more than just  evaluate the market as a marketer, but also understand the project from financial investments side – it makes you a valuable manager.”

In the second place, it is worth mentioning the team management skills that are taught in several MBA courses (Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior) with all concepts and approaches are proven by data.

“At the company we regularly assess employees satisfaction. While observing the dynamics of measurement results  and on daily basis, I can assume that taught approaches really work.”

And, of course, third important factor is business school community: students, colleagues, tutors.

“There is often a question of  whether European approaches can be applied to Ukrainian business? Tutors always show how such approaches can be interpreted and used. And there is always an opportunity to discuss your own particular situation in-class.”

On behalf of Tutors and  Students Support Team, we wish students to feel the spirit of the British business school, to study hard and get the most out of their knowledge. It is a great honor and privilege to help educate current and future business leaders.