Jun, 23. Webinar “Making organizations more resilient and successful by embracing Sustainability”

June 16, 2020 3:44 pm

A sustainable organization determines its activities, products, services and behavior through a detailed understanding of the environmental and social context in which it operates and the impacts it has. As a result, it works within understood environmental and social limitations and expectations reflecting the demands and requirements of key stakeholders and wider society. 

To discuss some of the strategies and characteristics of organizations that have successfully made Sustainability part of their DNA or purpose we have two presenters providing their perspectives.


Vira has gotten an MBA degree at Edinburgh Business School in 2012. She is a financial services manager with big experience.

Vira will share her thoughts on the Sustainability journey.

> HENNING DRÄGER – Sustainability and ESG Partner BDO in Ukraine

20 years’ experience of Sustainability and ESG solutions delivery across 25 markets and 23 industries (Most experienced Sustainability practitioner in Ukraine).

Henning will share his insights on:

  • Sustainability building blocks for business
  • Interplay of functions within business including finance, marketing and operations
  • Examples of successful integration of Sustainability
  • A checklist for getting your Sustainability journey started or taking it to the next level

Organizers: Edinburgh Business School and BDO in Ukraine.

Time – 23 of June (Tu) 19:00

Place – anywhere with good Internet connection

Language – English