Entrepreneurship and Creativity

▸Short course content:

The course critically examines entrepreneurship by providing background understanding of the nature and value of entrepreneurship in economies, and to encourage thinking about ideas, considerations of the commercial world, creativity and innovation.

The aim also is to support those who wish to develop their entrepreneurial ideas through to an investor-ready business plan and start-up.

Alongside the courses on entrepreneurship, Edinburgh Business School has a business incubator at campus in Edinburgh. It has incubated several alumni of Edinburgh Business School, including those who have taken entrepreneurship courses.


▸Topics covered by the course:

The course is divided into ten modules. Module 1 explores theories of entrepreneurship and the role of business in the economy and society. The remaining modules in the course consolidate knowledge and understanding of the entrepreneurial process and develop core skills applicable to entrepreneurship, such as communication, initiative, creativity, analysis, problem identification and solving. A key focus of the course is for students to generate and develop their own business ideas, critically analyse these and investigate feasibility, further developing business skills applicable to entrepreneurship, such as opportunity recognition, marketing research and presenting.

The course is assessed by two pieces of coursework: an online test and a pitch presentation.

Learning outcomes for Entrepreneurship and Creativity are divided into two areas, knowledge-based outcomes and skills-based outcomes.

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Develop an ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Develop an understanding of creativity and idea/problem identification and techniques designed to evolve these skills
  • Develop core skills and business skills and apply these to a project
  • Apply the processes of opportunity identification and generation
  • Understand the importance of communication to different audiences
  • Assess business functions such as marketing research
  • Implement the processes of feasibility analysis of business ventures

▸Who will benefit from the course:

▸ senior management, CEO, COO

line managers, heads of departments, project leaders


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Kochmarska Oksana MBA, Accounting Hub, britishmba.in.ua

Course tutor - Oksana Kochmarska

Business consultant with 18 years of experience in finance for Fortune 500 companies.
She has 15 years of experience in operational management, strategic planning and business development, including the position of Tax and Legal Department Director at KPMG Ukraine, and for 8 years she was a head the office of the international company Accountor Group in Ukraine.
Oksana is the founder of the international consulting company Accounting HUB.
MBA/Edinburg Business School, Corporate Governance (UCGA/INSEAD) and Service Export Program/Marketing Institute, Estonia.
Oksana has achieved outstanding results in team management, operations management and efficiency, as well as in sales and marketing, business development and client satisfaction in the field of accounting services, consulting and legal services, which is confirmed by internal and external independents. surveys and ISO certifications.

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