Strategic Risk Management

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▸Short course content:

Strategic Risk Management helps managers identify risk and manage it through its dynamic complexity. It is a powerful set of tools with a wide range of applications in both the private and commercial sectors.

The course is concerned with risk as a collective or integrated concept. Most approaches
to risk and risk management concern themselves with one particular risk aspect or application. This limitation is acceptable provided the interest of the risk manager is restricted to the aspect or application concerned. Many organisations, however, operate under conditions of complex risk where it is not practical or desirable to consider specific risk areas in isolation. Organisational risks are linked together. Variations or changes in one specific risk do not occur in isolation. There are invariably linkages between risks that lead to corresponding variations in linked groups or clusters of risks.

The course helps to develop enterprise-wide view which allows managers to see the full complexities of the risks and dependencies that exist within the organisation and also to gain an appreciation of the likely effects or consequences of alternative decisions.

▸Topics covered by the course:

  • Risk preconditions.

  • Risk management concept.

  • Strategic risk.

  • Risk of change and project management as a change management tool.

  • Operational risk management.

  • Unpredictable risk.

  • Risk interdependence field and the development of a process model.


While studying on the Strategic Risk Management course, using the models and course analysis tools, students would build their own risk management system for their company or project.

▸Who will benefit from the course:

▸ топ-менеджеры, собственники компаний

▸ линейные руководители, управленцы, руководители проектов

▸ предприниматели

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European MBA. MBA in Ukraine

Course tutor - Eugen Kamashev

Business consultant, project management trainer, Certified Projects Director, MBA.
Certified Program Director (IPMA).
Certified coach (Erickson Coaching International).
Member of the Ukrainian Project Management Association and the International Project Management Association.
14 years of experience in the field of direct project and program management, including large-scale projects (more than 100 team members), the formation and management of complex project portfolios with a budget of more than $10 million and more than 30 projects in the portfolio.
Managed the Metinvest Digital project office.
Alumnus of the MBA program at the Edinburgh Business School.

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