Strategic Marketing

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▸Short course content:

Strategic Marketing is a thorough and practical course of the MBA programme of the Edinburgh Business School. The course considers marketing, starting with the analysis of strategy and strategic goals, as well as the goals of divisions, positioning, working with the brand and more practical issues of building a company’s product or services, conducting research and hands-on tools (4P, 7P, new digital approaches in the analysis of customer behavior etc).

▸Topics covered by the course:

Strategic marketing can be defined as “Obtaining, marshalling, deploying, controlling and assessing the effectiveness of organisational marketing resources in order to deliver the organisational mission, vision, values and objectives in its chosen product/markets’’.

So, the philosophy underlying this course is that marketing-oriented companies put customers first, are geared for long term success and that this orientation must be championed by top management and infused throughout the whole organisation. In addition to this overall culture, strategic marketing requires knowledge, skills and competencies in a range of techniques such as strategic analysis and planning, implementation, via a number of integrated and synergistic marketing functions and activities and marketing control, aided by an array of marketing metrics and digital developments. This course aims to provide students with a strong grasp of both the strategic elements of establishing a long-term customer orientation and the operational techniques that are required of marketing managers to implement a strategic marketing orientation successfully.

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a strategic, global and ethically informed understanding of the marketing management process, taking account of established and emerging practices in digital marketing
  • Show critical awareness of the analytical processes used to evaluate market opportunities and propose appropriate marketing strategies to achieve competitive advantage in a variety of global and dynamic market contexts.
  • Understand the activities and organisational structures, including networking and partnerships, required to implement, monitor and measure the performance of marketing strategies.
  • Use evidence-based and data mining techniques to creatively segment and target markets as well as position products / services against market needs and competitive offerings.
  • Develop integrated marketing strategies as well as evaluate and propose appropriate activities and organisational structures to implement and control the chosen strategy effectively.
  • Ability to undertake structured, critical analysis of marketing problems and opportunities and develop appropriate marketing strategies in a variety of contexts.
  • Ability to propose, plan and integrate creative marketing programmes.
  • Use a range of verbal, numerical and graphical data to formulate, implement and measure the success of marketing strategies.

▸Who will benefit from the course:

▸ senior management, CEO, COO

line managers, heads of departments, project leaders, programme managers


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Course tutor - Valery Povorotniy

Valery has more than 25 years of management experience, from 1997 to 2015 he held senior positions in international companies like Samsung, Siemens and Sony. Valery's experience in management includes companies foundation, analysis of business operations, development, audit and review of organisational structures and work processes, definition/revision of roles and tasks for divisions, creation and implementation of strategic development plans, etc. Professional specialization: Marketing and management accounting, determination of process and business efficiency. Valery is a lecturer on a number of international programmes, including an approved lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) on House of Knowledge platform in Ukraine.

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