Business Negotiation

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▸Short course content:

We will look at key concepts in negotiation, how to negotiate more effectively and also look at some of the challenges in negotiation from culture to diversity. 

Negotiation is a part of all our lives, whether we realise it or not. It is happening every day around us, and we often engage in many negotiations in a day – though you may not recognise them all as negotiations. The first step to learning about negotiation is to understand what it is, what it does and how it works within the context of decision-making methods.

▸Topics covered by the course:

This course takes you through the many practical skills, tools and techniques that will help you become a more effective negotiator, while understanding the theories that negotiation derives from. We look at negotiation through the three bargaining types: distributive, integrative and rational bargaining. The base knowledge of how to negotiate is at the core of this course, but negotiation is not a simple one-dimensional subject. There are many things which influence the negotiation, including culture, behaviours, ploys and irrational biases. The course aims to show how all these factors play a role in our understanding of negotiation, all the while building your toolbox on how to deal with many different and difficult situations.

On completion of this course students will be able to:

∙ Critically evaluate the role of negotiation as a decision-making tool, and explore its place in your organisation
• Compare the different types of bargaining: Distributive, Integrative and Rational
• Demonstrate the lessons from single issue negotiation, that can help develop more successful strategies in the multi-issue negotiations.
• Explain the benefit of rational theories when dealing with irrational human bargaining
• Demonstrate the differences between the styles of negotiation, and be able to show their effects on negotiations
• Illustrate the issues of culture that affect negotiations in our global marketplace
• Discuss gender bias in negotiations, what effect it has on you, and with particular focus on the gender pay gap
• Be prepared to counter difficult behaviours with strategies and behaviours, recognise power and manipulation, and be able to counter a variety of different tactics.
• Analyse your own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator and develop strategies to deal with other negotiators
• Use a range of tools to complete a successful negotiation

▸Who will benefit from the course:

▸ senior management, CEO, COO

line managers, heads of departments, project leaders


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