Blended language – format which allows to study on 🇬🇧 British MBA programme in two languages.

Edinburgh Business School, as one of the largest business schools in the world in the numbers of students studying, strives to provide access to quality management education to the maximum number of people. As a result, over the years, its education programmes and classes have been introduced in the world’s most widely spoken languages, primarily the working languages of the United Nations.

By 2022, English and Russian were used as a studying languages of the students of the Central and Eastern European Hub Business School (House of Knowledge platform with a campus in Kyiv)

Currently, the transformational processes concerning changes in language policy are being held in line with the refreshment of the content of some courses and disciplines. 

Such changes require time and international integration, so take place in several stages:

October 2022 - end of 2025

Students who enroll in the MBA programme by October 2022 will be able to complete the entire programme by the end of 2025 in bilingual format.

2022 - further

From the end of 2022, students will be able to study courses in English without any time limit.

Regardless of language and location, students are awarded the world’s only diplomas and certificates from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University.

Ξ Blended language details

Language of tutoring and materials
  • ENGLISH - extended materials on the global online platform of the Edinburgh Business School
  • RUSSIAN - support of tutors remotely or on campus
  • RUSSIAN - presentations and additional materials to explain the topic
  • The language of the exam is a choice of ENGLISH or RUSSIAN

Ξ For current students of Edinburgh Business School:

  • Registered students already enrolled in the program in a bilingual format can continue their studies in this format until 2025.

  • Students studying in the blended language format may later also switch to English-only study.

Ξ For students who are planning to study in English: 

  • You can study in English without any time limit on the programme at your own pace.

  • Any student currently studying in a bilingual format will also be able to take courses in English in the future.

  • The flexible approaches of the British business school will help you build your own studying track.

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