Edinburgh Business School
Approved Tutors

Advantage of the Edinburgh Business School programmes is that the curriculum content is initially developed for application worldwide, and gets adapted locally for each of the countries with the local campus.

Therefore, unlike some local business education system, where the teacher in most cases is also the author of the course and accepts exams in person, at Edinburgh Business School the Approved Tutor “guides” student through the international knowledge. The role of the Tutor is to explain and moderate, help comprehend and show application, and not to compile a course

Olena Sergeeva
Senior Tutor of the platform, EBS Approved Tutor for Organizational Behavior, Leadership
Ivan Kompan
Tutors Finance in English and Russian
Sergiy Gvozdiov
Tutors Project Management in English and Russian
Igor Gayovich
Tutors Marketing in English and Russian
Olena Baryshnikova
Tutors Accounting and Finance in English and Russian
Oleg Demchyk
Tutors Negotiation in Russian
Tymur Sarbaiev
Tutors Strategic Planning
Andriy Stavytskyy
Tutors Economics
Olena Kovalchuk
Tutors Orgnisational Behaviour in English and Russian
Suria Habibullina
Tutors Leadership
Nataliia Kryvda
Tutors Leadership
Sergiy Gerenko
Tutors Human Resource Management