The MBA programme is designated for the highest level executives and business owners.

Admission requirements

To be admitted for Executive MBA program you are required to have:

  • Top managerial position
  • Significant managerial experience, at least 5 years as a top manager in corporation/ big company/ company with international activity
  • Diploma of Higher Education / professional certificates (if any)
  • CV (resume)
  •  IELTS 6.5 (reading)
  • Motivation essay
  • Individual interview

Admission decision is made after the individual interview and on the basis of recommendations.

Programme duration

Studying on MBA programme takes from 30 months depending on students’ capability and individual agendas. Edinburgh Business School encourages students to invest up to 200 hours in mastering each of the courses.

Each course has 60 academic hours. Exams are held in June and December according to the Edinburgh Business School global standards, and are administrated by independent moderator — the British Council. British Council.

In summer students have the study-tour to Great Britain and Edinburgh Business School campus. The programme includes special workshops, business tours to UK big companies, cultural events and other activities.


Kyiv campus tutors are mainly Ukrainians, specially trained and approved by the chief office in Edinburgh. Some lectures are held by the tutors from Britain.

All tutors are approved by the Edinburgh Business School in Edinburgh, have the academic qualifications (PhD, MBA) and management / business experience.

Language options

You can choose the language to study. It can be either English or Russian.

Requirements for obtaining the MBA degree

To obtain the MBA degree you need to take nine program courses, to successfully pass all the exams.

MBA courses

Core courses:

Elective courses:

Programme structure, duration and courses can be changed according to demands of Heriot-Watt University.

All courses are developed in Britain by Edinburgh Business School and are the classical MBA courses. Additionally, school offers seminars and workshops to develop necessary business skills.

Other programme options

If you need knowledge, but you do not need MBA degree, you can choose only those courses you are interested in and pay only for them. In future, if you change your mind, you can take other courses as well. Modular programme gives students the opportunity to leave after three and/or six courses and continue when it’s convenient.

What study formats are available?

In Ukraine, two study formats are available:


— classes held throughout the semester, twice a week, usually on weekday evening (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday) (18:20 – 21:45) and Saturday (9:30 – 14:30);


— classes take place in the form of sessions, usually once a month (throughout the day, Saturday and Sunday).


The full program (9 courсes) — 25 920$ or 2 880$ per one cource (including exam registration fee).


For details regarding MBA programs, please, contact by phone (+38 044) 221-17-71 or