MBA Programmes

MBA programmes of Edinburgh Business School are developed by British professionals and intended at providing high-quality knowledge and tools in domain of management and business administration

Is designated for the highest level executives and business owners.

What study formats are available?

In Ukraine, two study formats are available:

— classes held throughout the semester, twice a week, usually on weekday evening (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday) (18:20 – 21:45) and Saturday (9:30 – 14:30);
— classes take place in the form of sessions, usually once a month (throughout the day, Saturday and Sunday (9:30 – 18:45))

Study options

If you need knowledge, but you do not need MBA degree, you can choose only those courses you are interested in and pay only for them. In future, if you change your mind, you can take other courses as well. Modular programme gives students the opportunity to leave after three and/or six courses and continue when it’s convenient.
Studying on MBA programme takes 3 years on average. Each course lasts for 60 hours and ends with examination.
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Certificate in Business Administration

3 cources and successfully passed exams

Diploma in Business Administration

6 cources and successfully passed exams

MBA degree

9 cources and successfully passed exams