Important changes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After careful review, Edinburgh Business School has decided that it will not enrol new students on to its MBA programme in the Russian language or to the taught programmes offered at the teaching centre in Kiev.

However, EBS Eastern Europe will work closely with EBS to ensure that all students who have already enrolled for classes at the teaching centre in Kiev will continue to receive the tuition to which they are entitled in order to complete their MBA programme. Teaching will continue to be provided in accordance with published timetables up to June 2017. Edinburgh Business School examinations in both the English and Russian languages will continue to be made available in the regional examination centres, as now, until such time as students have completed all their assessments in the language of their choice.

We will work hard to ensure that your studies are not interrupted, and you will continue to receive excellent regional support and teaching so you can complete your study programme. All timetabled courses will take place according to the published schedules.

As always Yours,
Team of Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe

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