Corporate MBA

Corporate MBA programmes at Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe are powerful tools for training and development of the most talented mid-to senior management working in the company.

Studying is usually conducted in groups of 12-15 people and is organized in such a way that at the end of the course each participant regardless of his specialization has a good understanding of the business and is able to find effective solutions.

Corporate programmes at Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe provide the following opportunities to your employees:

Get a basic and universal knowledge in the field of business management

that will allow managers to better understand the company’s business, to increase the efficiency of their work and find the opportunities that were difficult to detect;

Systematize and enrich the existing knowledge, rethink individual managerial experience

this will allow managers to apply effective standard methods, as well as find unique solutions in accordance with the situation;

Apply the concepts in the work immediately

program is designed so that from the first days students could use new ideas, approaches and skills in their daily work, and the company would be able to quickly see the results of investments made;

Practice management skills in the business realities of the client company

program may include: discussion and development of strategic plans or individual policies; the study of business cases, adapted for your business; comparison of organizational practices of the client company with the basic approaches in this field. This will help to establish a relationship between the studied material and practice in the context of your organization;

Master the international language of business and learn international practices and approaches

it will help managers of the company to negotiate more effectively with foreign clients /partners and understand not only local but also international business;

Stay in the same coordinate system with employees from other departments and specialists in other areas

MBA education provides universal knowledge, and interdisciplinary program will allow your employees to effectively manage the processes not only within their functional specialization, but also master the terminology and get understanding of the processes in other departments of the company;

Take advantage of the theoretical and practical experience of teachers and students from 154 countries

of online library, the opportunity to attend additional workshops, master classes, visit Edinburgh Business School in UK – this will allow your employees to participate in the knowledge exchange from around the world and master the international MBA program more effectively;

Strengthen loyalty to your company

MBA education will become a powerful tool to motivate and strengthen the loyalty of your most promising employees, maximize the relationship between their personal and professional success;

Improve personal qualities of employees

Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe programmes provide an opportunity to improve leadership skills, get used to the British demands and discipline; MBA promotes personal development that will increase staff performance;

Develop communication skills and improve team work

studying within one group will unite your team leaders, help to strengthen the team spirit and build closer personal contacts between colleagues;

Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe offers its corporate clients:

Opportunity to study in a separate group of 12 people or connect to another group of students

thus, the company can select the preferred format of studies, most suitable for its business;

Flexible schedule, most compatible with working schedule in your company

this will not take students from the usual workflow;

Transparency of assessment of students results

the examination process is controlled by independent experts of the British Council and all examination papers are checked by professors of Edinburgh Business School in the UK that will allow your company to have a clear idea of the level of knowledge of your employees and at the same time to see the results of your investments;

Opportunity to use the context of your company in the study course

it will help employees to better understand the business they work in and find optimal solutions to the problems your company face with.

An international MBA diploma if your company believes it is necessary

MBA educational level is confirmed by an internationally-recognized diploma at the end of nine courses. There is also a system of training courses, in which case employees receive certificates of the British university based on the number of subjects studied.

Сharacteristics of Corporate  programmes at Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe

MBA programmes at Edinburgh Business School are designed by British and international professionals to provide high-quality knowledge in business management.

Our recommendations

Studying at the MBA programmes at Edinburgh Business School is not an easy process. To pass examinations successfully each student must put a lot of effort and regularly give time for individual work.

Students are allowed to retake examinations only once, so it is highly recommended to send for studying only those employees who you believe have high potential.

Terms of study

Tuition fees and course duration depend on the chosen programme. More information can be found on page

MBA Programmes

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