Edinburgh Business School unique standard is that study programme is designed globally and only after it is adapted for individual countries. Therefore unlike in local business schools, where tutors are often the authors of their own courses, tutors of Edinburgh Business School are «guides» to the knowledge. Their role is to explain and moderate courses.

Olena Sergeeva

Senior tutor of Edinburgh Business School EE. Tutor of Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Negotiations (in English and Russian)

Elena Baryshnikova

Tutor of Accounting and Finance (in English and Russian).

Sergei Gvozdiov

Tutor of Project Management (in English and Russian)

Igor Hayovych

Tutor of Marketing (in Russian and English)

Lyudmila Belokon

Tutor of Negotiation and of Human Resource Management (in Russian)

Ivan Kompan

Tutor of Finance (in English and Russian)

Valentin Iegorov

Tutor of Economics (in Russian)

Elena Kostenko

Tutor of Accounting (in Russian)

Anastasia Leukhina

Tutor of Negotiations and Organizational Behavior

Volodymyr Pirozhenko

Tutor of Strategic Planning

Elena Kovalchuk

Tutor of Organizational Behavior (in Russian)

Olena Polishuk

Tutor of Marketing

Liliya Pan

Teaches Marketing (in Russian)

Andriy Shabo

Tutor of Accounting (in English)

Sergey Gerenko

Tutor of Human Resource Management (in Russian)

Alex Cherepyn

Tutor of Marketing.

Diana Chernyavska

Tutor of HRM

Oles Pishak

Tutor of Competitive Strategy (in Russian)

Timur Sarbaev

Tutor of Strategic Planning (in Russian).

Victor Chernetsky

Teaches Marketing course in English.

Guest speaker in Marketing (in Russian).

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