Business School in Ukraine

Kyiv is the first city in Eastern Europe, where Edinburgh Business School EE was opened. Ukrainian capital is a starting point for development in the region — from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

The first MBA group has started their programme in January 2010. In February 2010 the first modular programme has been launched, which gives the opportunity to gain knowledge in business sphere to people from different Ukrainian cities, while educational process is conducted in the form of intensive two-day per month sessions in Kyiv.

Edinburgh Business School office in Kiev has become the platform for regular professional forums, master-classes with top-ranked professionals in finances and marketing, organizational behavior, project management and other.


  • Dr. Natalia Kryvda, Academic director of Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe programmes in Ukraine

Our tutors

Edinburgh Business School unique standard is that study programme is designed globally and only after it is adapted for individual countries. Therefore unlike in local business schools, where tutors are often the authors of their own courses, tutors of Edinburgh Business School are «guides» to the knowledge. Their role is to explain and moderate courses.


Enable change by providing access to high quality education.


When making decisions, whether strategic ones, or operational, we test them (especially the tougher ones) against our mission and values. Sometimes we do this consciously, discussing what is right or wrong, and sometimes we realize ‘this is how we do things here’, and it reflects what we have written down as our Values:

  • Being result-oriented
  • Striving for excellence in performance
  • Practicing responsibility
  • Being open
  • Implementing integrity