Edinburgh Business School

Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University provides applied management programmes to both individual students and major corporations.

Achievements of Edinburgh Business School

40% of companies from the Fortune 500 list hire our alumni. Some graduates work in companies that are already considered our country’s pride, others — in their own prompt and mobile start-ups. Our school graduates , no matter where they live and what they do, are successful and effective.
Edinburgh Business School provides modular MBA. It’s very flexible: if you need knowledge, but do not need MBA, you can choose only those courses you are interested in and pay only for them. Modular programme allows students to interrupt studying after three and/or six courses and continue when it’s convenient. Students, who have successfully passed only some courses, receive British certificate or diploma: after completing three courses, you are eligible for a Certificate in Business Administration, a Diploma in Business Administration after six courses, MBA after nine courses and successful Diploma defence.

If you do not live in Kyiv, you can still study without leaving your business and family. MBA modular programme is being conducted in the form of intensive three-day per month sessions in Kyiv.

Edinburgh Business School graduates of work in more than 150 countries worldwide. International alumni networkgives the incredible opportunities to those who would like to be global.
In addition to courses in classrooms, every student gets an access to global university Internet platform that provides the set of additional instruments for education, development and cooperation: from knowledge basis to individual development plan (opportunities to understand your strengths and weaknesses, track your progress during studying).
40% of companies listed in «Fortune» Top 500 employ graduates of Edinburgh Business School. Some graduates are hired by the best companies in the world, many start their own businesses or launch start-ups. Graduates of our School, regardless of their industry area, always excel in being progressive and efficient.

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